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Developer Plan

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White label

Your own Measure app $999 per site per year

Custom Measurements

Define your own metrics $199 per metric

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How do I sign up?
Signing up for 3D Measure Up is easy. On the home page, click on the Login/Sign Up button.
You will be redirected to the login page. Login using your email address. Provide your company name, email address, and contact number, choose a password of your liking, and you’re good to go.
What are tokens?

A token is like a currency for using 3D Measure Up which you can use for different services and features offered under 3D Measure Up.You can use these tokens on 3D Measure Up WebApp or  API or OEM Widget.

How are my tokens consumed?

Following is the table of services and the tokens consumed


ServiceDescriptionNo. of tokens used
Auto measureThe auto measurement operation retrieves more than 200 metrics for the full-body human scan.5
Single measurement3D Measure Up provides an interface to add griths defined by two points or Surface lengths/Free Fall lengths/Straight lengths by specifying the endpoints. This enables the user to add measurements that are not covered by the auto-measure operation.1


What is the difference between a Subscription plan and Pay As You Go plan?
Subscription plan includes a monthly budget of tokens that you can use within that month. Tokens will be credited every month (on the same date which you signed up) and will have to be used within the one month period. Unused tokens will lapse (expire) and new quote of monthly tokens will be released if the subscription is active.

Pay-as-you-go tokens are valid for up to 1 year from their date of purchase.

If you have a rough idea of how many avatars you will need to process in a month, then we recommend that you pick one of our Subscription plans. If you are unsure, or your consumption pattern is expected to be random, then the Pay As You Go plans might suit you better.
Should I get Pay-as-you-go tokens or a subscription?
For one-off or hard-to-predict volume hard-to-predict volumes image needs, pay-as-you-go tokens are a great option.For larger or ongoing measurement needs, you’ll save on every measurement that you process with a subscription.
What happens if I don't use all my subscription tokens each month?
In the subscription plan, the monthly quota of the tokens will have to be used within the month. Any unused tokens will lapse (expire)
What scans are supported?
3D Measure Up currently supports scan in the following formats
If you would like us to support a different format, you can contact us.
If I measure the same scan number of times, is it counted as a one or each is a separate count?

3D Measure Up is a SaaS service and further, we  do not store your avatars or their measurements. Which means that we process every request from start to end even if it is the same scan. Therefore, every measurement request (even if it is the same scan model) is charged.

What is the minimum subscription period?
For the web application the minimum subscription period is one quarter. For products wherein API/SDK integrations are done the minimum period post the free trial is one year (non-cancellable) payable on a monthly/yearly basis. You’ve options to select a SaaS license for 2/3 years for lower license fees. You’re always free to upgrade your plan to a higher plan version anytime you wish.
Can I test before I sign up?
We have a free trial version available for you to test out before you decide to purchase. You can sign up for the trial version. The trial version has most of the features of the paid version. What’s even better, no credit card or commitment is required to sign up for the trial.
Do you offer support for the trial plan?
We offer basic email support with the trial plans. Send your queries to 3dmu.support@prototechsolutions.com any time. We are available Monday to Friday, 9 am to 7 pm Indian Standard Time.
Do you offer credits for researchers and students?
We offer researchers and students credits based on the project and its contribution to the industry. Contact us to know more.
I want to use the API, how do I subscribe?
The API access is part of the Subscribed and Pay-as-you-go. Contact us for enabling access to the API.
I want to use the OEM widget, how do I subscribe?
The OEM widget is licensed separately. Contact us for integrating the OEM widget in your application or for any queries. A license for embedding an OEM widget in one web app is $999 per site per year.
What is the difference between OEM and a white-label app if we put it on site?

OEM application is where you can build your own branded web application deriving from ours and the White label application refers to the 3D Measure Up application integrated at your side with your company logo.

Do you store my credit card information?

No, we don’t ask for, or store your credit card information during sign up. However, we do ask for credit card information when you subscribe to 3D Measure Up after completing your free trial. Take a look at our Privacy Policy to learn more.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time you feel. Contact us to stop the subscription by sending a mail to 3dmeasureup@prototechsolutions.com. Your subscription will be canceled at the end of your current billing period. After that, your account will be downgraded to the Free plan and the remaining credits will be invalidated.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?
Yes, you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. Note: If you cancel your subscription, unused subscription tokens can only be used until the end of the billing period.
Upgrading your plan takes effect immediately: After you confirm, your payment method is charged and the credits and features of your new subscription are available.
If you’re downgrading your plan you will not be billed immediately. Instead, your current plan stays active until the end of the current billing period, and only then the new plan takes effect. For example, when you downgrade your 500 tokens per month plan to the 250 tokens  per month on June 10, and your next billing date is July 5, then you will be billed for it on July 5.
What if I am unsatisfied with the results?
At the moment 3D Measure Up works very well for full body scans of persons and lower body scans of persons, but some are more challenging than others. We recommend uploading a few scans or photos to the free version to get an impression of the quality level for your specific measurements. You can also try 1 scan or photo for free by signing up.
Subscriptions with 25000 tokens per month or more: You only pay for measurements that meet your required quality level.
What if I run out of tokens?
When you have used 80% of your monthly tokens of a subscription, you will be notified via email. Once you have used up all tokens, no further measurements are possible until next month (except for preview measurements on 3D Measure Up which are always free). Should you need more tokens, you can either upgrade your plan or purchase a pay as you go package.
There are no overage charges.

If you want to make sure you never run out of tokens:
If you run out of tokens, we never charge overage fees. Instead, no further API calls or image downloads are possible (except preview images on 3dmeasureup.com, which are always free on our website).

If you want to make sure that this never happens, then we can suggest that have some Pay-as-you-go tokens as a backup. They are only used when all of your subscription tokens have been used before (in which case you receive another notification via email).
What payment methods do you support?

Our payment gateways support all kinds of payment options: credit cards (Visa, Master, Amex, etc.), debit cards, etc. We also support Paypal. Please contact us if you need any help in this regard.

What's the API for?
You can use our API to integrate the background removal in your website, app or workflow. It’s a simple HTTP-based interface with various options. You can find the docs here.
Our scanners, ecommerce and other styling applications are built on top of the API. How many scans can I process simultaneously through the API?
You can process up to 5 scans per minute. If you require more than that, Contact Us.
Is 3D Measure Up GDPR compliant?
Yes, we are 100% GDPR compliant. You can find more on this topic in our Privacy Policy.
What kind of technical support is available?
All purchases included a limited technical support over email with a response time of three business days. You can also purchase a technical consultation cum support package for USD 499 which includes 10 hours of technical support and consultation (to be used within one calendar month). For purchasing the technical support package, please contact us at 3dmeasureup@prototechsolutions.com
Is there a desktop/offline version of 3D Measure Up?
3D Measure Up began as a desktop product. We would have loved to continue to develop it further, but the power of super fast processing and ML is only possible by using technologies which are available through cloud based infrastructure and technologies. If you are still interested in the desktop version, please Contact Us.
Have more questions?
Reach out to us anytime by sending your queries to 3dmeasureup@prototechsolutions.com.

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