3D Measure Up Wins 2nd Runner-Up place at NVIDIA – ORACLE For Startups Hackathon 2022!

A wrap! After another successful event, the NVIDIA-ORACLE Hackathons finally have their set of winning teams!

NVIDIA® Inception and Oracle® for Startups joined hands to launch an Emerging Markets Startup Booster Camp, which provides Startups with an opportunity to learn and implement cutting-edge AI technology to prepare them for a future AI-powered economy.

     The 3D Measure Up (3DMU) team won the 2nd Runner Up prize at the virtual digital Hackathon event held on the 27th of July 2022. The hackathon invited early-stage developers to showcase their AI-powered technology.

The 3DMU team leveraged technologies from NVidia and Oracle to address mobility challenges by automating measurement processes for the manufacturing of prosthesis and orthosis. The team developed technology using computational, geometry and ML techniques for human body measurement to meet the need for personalized healthcare products.

  • 3DMU technology automates the measurement process in making personalized orthoses and prostheses. This helps in faster turnaround times for manufacturing these devices. 
  • The measurements delivered by 3DMU are more accurate than manual methods. Thus making the devices better fitting and allowing the users to exercise better mobility. 
  • 3DMU can deliver measurements from anywhere and deploy them at remote locations. This helps the services reach many more people who need personalized braces.
  • Last but not least, 3DMU makes the process very efficient, which helps in significant cost reduction, thus making it affordable. 

Image credits: Times of India

What criteria did the Jury members use to choose the winners?

1. Contextual Relevance to HEALTHCARE AND LIFE SCIENCES

2. Technological Superiority: Use of latest technology and trends, better performance, and accuracy.

3. Innovation Quotient

4. Viability: Practical feasibility in a real-world scenario considering 

                 a. Cost of the solution

                 b. Ease of integration into existing infrastructure 

                 c. Easy deployment in the field

5. Business model/Go-to-market Strategy

6. Startups skillset/expertise

During the Demo Day, each participant had the opportunity to present their ideas in a 2-minute pitch to the expert jury. Following the live pitches, the teams answered jury questions before the final evaluation. The jury was impressed by the pitches’ quality and the solutions’ cleverness, but a decision had to be made! 

It was envisioned to be not just a competition but more of a journey where all participating Startups could learn together in a collaborative environment.

If you are into personalized healthcare, wellness or fitness, e.g. orthoses, prosthesis, compression socks, implants, wheelchairs and assistive devices, shoes etc. – connect with us at 3dmeasureup@prototechsolutions.com, and we can together make a difference. Let’s leverage the technology and give wings to the differently abled people for them to live an independent life and that of dignity.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this hackathon a grand success! See you again soon!

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