3D Measure Up Groundbreaking Collaboration with NIFT

3D Measure Up Groundbreaking Collaboration with NIFT

We are incredibly excited to announce the groundbreaking collaboration between 3D Measure Up and the National Institute of Fashion Technology India (NIFT) to revolutionize the fashion industry through the implementation of 3D measurement technology. This collaboration aims to address key points identified by NIFT to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of measurements in the fashion industry.

  1. Measurements Rendered on a Model without a dress and with a dress
  2. Chest Circumference Profile Comparison
  3. Waist Circumference Profile Comparison

Key Points

  • Innovative Fit Evaluation Tool: Introducing a cutting-edge tool to precisely quantify the distance between garments and the body, revolutionizing fit analysis.
  • Industry Application: Fit technicians in the Apparel Industry can now leverage this tool for accurate evaluation of garment fit, streamlining the production process.
  • Unique Solution: Addressing a critical gap in the market, there’s currently no garment industry-specific tool for quantifying and evaluating garment fit to the body.

Benefits of 3D Measure Up

Check out the incredible benefits of 3D measurement utilized by the tool:

  • Objective 3D Model Evaluation: 3D Measure UP enables objective evaluation of 3D scanned models, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in fit analysis.
  • Accurate Measurement Derivation: Derive precise measurements and coordinates of models, contributing to a comprehensive fit analysis process.
  • Precise Measurement Extraction: Achieve accurate retrieval of body and garment measurements, enhancing fit analysis and evaluation.
  • Automatic Landmark Identification: Streamline the process with quick and efficient identification of landmarks on scanned bodies, facilitating precise gap analysis between the body and the garment.

Get ready to witness the future of fashion unfold before your eyes! Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking collaboration.

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