Maximizing Your Token Usage in 3D Measure Up: A Comprehensive Guide to Tracking, Planning, and Purchasing

Maximize your token usage and subscription plan by utilizing the monitoring dashboard provided by 3D Measure Up web application.

Follow the steps below:

  • Login to 3D Measure Up using a desktop browser:
  • The token usage is listed on the top right corner of the Web application
  • Click on the token usage and the details of your subscription and token usage will appear

Fig 1: Token usage listed on the right top corner

  • Upon clicking on the Token Usage, a popup will appear displaying your:
    1. Subscription Status
    2. Available tokens
    3. Active subscriptions which can be viewed by scrolling down

Fig 2: Subscription list with active and expired subscriptions

  • Click on the Usage tab to see the Month wise usage details and the tokens used per call.

Fig 3: Monthly token usage with model name and operations performed.

What is the process for buying tokens?

You can easily purchase tokens and get started by subscribing to a monthly plan at Simply select your desired amount, process your payment, and within 10-15 minutes, your account will be credited with the tokens.

How to Upgrade Your Token Subscription in 3D Measure Up?

  • If your account has been blocked you will see the following screen after logging in.

Fig 4: Subscription expired box

  • By clicking the “Usage Details” button, you can view your subscription and token usage information. 
  • To subscribe to additional tokens, select the “Upgrade Subscription” button which will direct you to the 3D Measure Up Pricing page
  • From there, select either the Monthly or Yearly subscription option to complete the process.

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