We have released 3D Measure Up versions 5.2

Our team has been working on several major API enhancements this month. Our users can get up and running quickly, now that they can retrieve the API key through Web App!

We improved the accuracy of shoulder point detection with a focus on obese bodies, as capturing points for the obese group is tricky be it in the Apparel industry or Medical as well.

So, here’s a sneak glimpse at the next releases.

New Features:

  • MOCK API for Photo to Scan
  • API Key can be retrieved from the Web Application Settings box


Web API: 

  • Better ‘Scan to Measure API’ documentation
  • More accurate shoulder point detection for Obese bodies
  • Refined accuracy of :
    • Right / Left Shoulder Outer Point
    • Shoulder Landmark Centroid
    • Right / Left Upper Arm Point
    • Front Neck Point
    • Right / Left Armpit Front Fold Point
    • Right / Left Armpit Back Fold Point
    • Chin Point
    • Right / Left Biceps
    • Right / Left Biceps Maximum Girth
    • Right / Left Belly
  • Improved repeatability of:
    • Shoulder point detection across scans of the same person
    • Underbust detection across scans of the same person


  • Container-based infra for ML-based landmark detection services, for improved repeatability and availability

Our 3D Measure UP Web App has the following key features, which makes it the best measuring software in the market-

  • Auto Landmark Detection (ISO 8559)
  • Measures distance, Girths, and Volume
  • Highly extensible and portable cloud API
  • Build your own branded application
  • Measurements at user-specified location
  • Partial Measurement
  • Machine Learning is integrated
  • Compatible with any 3D scanner
  • Works on the Web

We would be happy to help you if you need any further assistance to ensure our technology helps you achieve your objectives.

Here is the link to a video showing many features.

Ready to download the updated version? Click Here!

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