Technology Preview: Extract useful metrics from your 3D Scans

Technology Preview: Extract useful metrics from your 3D Scans

3D scanners have come a long way from million-dollar hi-fi device privileged to the scientific and military community to a retail sub-100 dollar device that can be attached to your mobile phone. In fact, the technology is so cheap that manufacturers can make your mobile device camera a 3D Scanner. The limitation is the storage capacity and effective use of the 3D scans.

While the storage is being handled by connecting to the cloud, we have been working on how the 3D scan data can be put to more practical use. Right now it has been simply visualization or 3D printing at best. What if we can extract parameters from scan data? Say you have a body scan and apart from printing a mini-figurine of yourself, what if you can shop for custom fitting clothes, shoes, and intimate wears. Life would become much more comfortable, won’t it?

We have developed a technology demo that allows you to do just that. Our technology can be integrated with any 3D scanner (or 3D scan data) and provide you with following,

Measurement parameters at any given plane:

  • Girth/Circumference.
  • Length (between two planes or points)
  • The angle between 2 features
  • Surface Area

Here’s a video demonstrating that,  How to measure 3D Objects?            

 Here’s a video demonstrating that,  How to measure human body?

While this technology can be applied at many places, here are some use cases:

1. Manufacturing:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Quality control

2. Apparel:

  • Custom fitted garments, and other accessories

3. Medical:

  • Forensic documentation
  • Orthotics
  • Dentistry
  • Plaster casting
  • Crime scenes investigation and more

4. Construction industry and civil engineering:

  • Site modeling and lay-outing
  • Documentation of historical sites


If you think integrating such a technology could be a game-changer for you, feel free drop in mail

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