Advantages of Automated Measurements of Human Body

November 2, 2020


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Advantages of Automated Measurements of Human Body

Taking measurements of human body features is technically a scientific process since it involves observation and measurement  But for years it has evolved more into art than science. Anthropometric measurements, as they are called, require a high degree of workmanship and have a direct impact on the lives of the user. What’s more, this level of quality is required each and every time. This makes it an ideal candidate for automation.



Here is a list of some of the advantages of using automated measurements:

  1. Details: Get detailed measurements. With 3D Measure Up, you can measure far more landmark points on the foot than manual methods
  2. Accuracy: 3D Measure Up is highly accurate. It overcomes all the limitations and errors that are associated with manual measurements.
  3. Fast: Using 3D Measure Up drastically reduces the time required. It avoids needing visits to the clinic and is highly accessible.
  4. Simple: For manual measurements, you need an expert anthropometrist. 3D Measure Up can be used by anyone with very little training.
  5. Contactless: The entire process of scanning to measuring is contactless. This is very important for the safety and hygiene of patients and health care workers involved in the process.
  6. Economic: Manual measurements are very costly since it has a dependency on people and experts. With less than a dollar per scan, 3D Measure Up is extremely affordable.
  7. Scale: 3D Measure Up can be accessed from anywhere on any device which has access to the internet. This makes it possible to reach out to many more people who need it and scale up the operations.
  8. Automation: Since 3D Measure Up requires no manual intervention for extracting measurements, it can be incorporated in any automation process.

At 3D Measure Up we believe that automation is more than faster production, cheaper labor costs, replacing hard, physical, or monotonous work. For us, it enables a great experience for as many people as possible enabling them to express their best. 

It is our endeavor to assist researchers, designers, engineers, and craftsmen to collect accurate body dimensions for obtaining a good fit of a product for every user.

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