What new 3D Measure Up features have been added to the already impressive list? What are the solutions?

May 13, 2021


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What new 3D Measure Up features have been added to the already impressive list? What are the solutions?

3D Measure Up’s team is continually updating their product in order to meet the needs of their customers. The cool new features and enhancements are now available. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Tape measurements for all girths:

A tape measure is a tool that uses tape and is commonly used in the clothing industry.

Contoured is along the path on the surface of the body. These are typically used for functional clothing. In this release, each girth measurement is available as a tape measure and a contoured measurement.

Both contoured and tape girth measurements of the chest are shown in the photos below:


a. Contoured Chest Girth


b. Tape Measure for Chest Girth

New girth measurement “Aligned to the skeleton”:

The girth axis may be aligned to:

1. The skeleton of the body OR

2. It may be perpendicular to the floor

Girths on the arms, legs, and feet are always aligned to the skeleton.
3D Measure Up offers both girths on the head, neck, and torso regions.

Enhancements and Fixes:

Landmark points Updated

1. Improved positioning of chin point on obese body scans

2. Improved accurate positioning of bust point on obese body scans

Girths Updated

  • Renamed Chest End girth as Underbust.

Surface Lengths Updated

  • Redefined Total Crotch length as a tape measurement
  • Added Total Crotch contoured length

Enabled webhook to report errors during measurement extraction.

For UI:

  • Modified the button icon for the Clear Scene operation
  • Added functionality to ‘Delete Measurement’ using, the context menu on measurement selection
  • Usage Tip for every operation is minimized and accessible during the operation
  • Re-positioned Search box and export button on the Model tree
  • Renamed landmarks node in the Model tree to POINTS
  • All ‘contoured girths’ are hidden by default, to reduce clutter
  • The escape key exists current operation
  • Height annotation visible on exiting the current task using the Esc key
  • Resolved, delay observed in the show – hide measurement functionality using the context menu on measurement selection
  • Fixed issues in model upload for models with model Names containing multiple dots
  • Fixed performance issues with reloading of the model tree

Measurements Improvements:

  • Hip or Butt girth was not identified correctly for some models.

3D Measure Up key features-

  • Auto Landmark Detection (ISO 8559)
  • Measures distance, Girths, and Volume
  • Highly extensible and portable cloud API
  • Build your own branded application
  • Measurements at user-specified location
  • Partial Measurement
  • Machine Learning is integrated
  • Compatible with any 3D scanner
  • Works on the Web

Here is the link to a video showing many features.


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