We have released 3D Measure UP versions 4.11

Our 3D Measure Up team has been working on a few enhancements over this release.
A simplified core API has helped us enable more use cases.

Let’s take a look at the updates:


Web Application: 

Load operation now automatically aligns the model and retrieves measurements.

Web API:

Simplified measure API has only one compulsory parameter, object file URL. The other parameters are optional. Optional parameters such as file type are detected automatically from the file name.

Improved accuracy:


  • Left Tragion Point (ID: 212)
  • Right Tragion Point (ID: 213)
  • Right Outer Knee Point (ID: 243)  
  • Left Outer Knee Point (ID: 244)  
  • Left Hip Point  (ID: 208)  
  • Right Hip Point (ID: 207)
  • Crotch Point (ID: 236)  
  • Right Wrist Point (ID: 220)
  • Left Wrist Point (ID: 221)
  • Center Point Of Brow Ridge (ID:214)  
  • Right Orbital Point (ID: 215)
  • Left Orbital Point (ID: 216)



  • Hip (ID: 167)  
  • Butt (ID: 109)
  • Maximum Hip  (ID: 166)  
  • Right Thigh (ID: 142)  
  • Left Thigh  (ID: 141)  
  • Right Upper Thigh  (ID: 154)  
  • Left Upper Thigh  (ID: 153)
  • Right Mid Thigh  (ID: 112)  
  • Left Mid Thigh  (ID: 111) 


Surface Lengths:

  • Right Side Pant Inseam (ID: 335)  
  • Left Side Pant Inseam (ID: 336)
  • Right Side Pant Inseam Upto Ankle (ID: 343)
  • Left Side Pant Inseam Upto Ankle (ID: 344)  
  • Left Lower Arm Length (ID: 323)
  • Right Lower Arm Length (ID: 324)  
  • Left Outer Arm Length (ID: 325)
  • Right Outer Arm Length (ID: 326)  
  • Back Neck Point to left Wrist Length (ID: 347)
  • Back Neck Point to right Wrist Length (ID: 348)


Our 3D Measure UP Web App has the following key features, which makes it the best measuring software in the market:

  • Auto Landmark Detection (ISO 8559)
  • Measures distance, Girths, and Volume
  • Highly extensible and portable cloud API
  • Build your own branded application
  • Measurements at user-specified location
  • Partial Measurement
  • Machine Learning is integrated
  • Compatible with any 3D scanner
  • Works on the Web


We would be happy to help you if you need any further assistance to ensure our technology helps you achieve your objectives.

Here is the link to a video showing many features.

Ready to download the updated version? Click Here!

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