3D Measure Up version 4.6 – Measurement API integration simplified!

August 11, 2021


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3D Measure Up version 4.6 – Measurement API integration simplified!

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New Features Added:

Web API: 

Introducing API versioning:

3D Measure UP Web API integration has become easier with the introduction of API versioning for the 3D Measure Up API.  API versioning enables developers to run production loads on an earlier version while they continue to integrate the latest releases. For more information write to 3dmeasureup@prototechsolutions.com.


Handled more avatar body shape variations and improved accuracy of following:

  • Belly Button (ID: 237) 
  • Abdomen Point (ID:238) 
  • Waist Circumference (ID: 163) 
  • Navel Girth (ID:168) 
  • High Hip (ID:156) 
  • Maximum Hip (ID:166) 
  • Hip (ID:167) 
  • Total Crotch Length (ID:307) 



Web API  

  • Deviation in measurements:
    • Due to stray girths in scans with fused arm and torso.
    • When only measurements for metric ids are requested. 

“We spent considerable time to identify a suitable, automated measurement solution for 3D-scanned human body shapes. AS we were evaluating quite a few vendors and software approaches available on the market we were very happy and excited to learn about 3D Measure Up. The product’s capability, versatility as well as the technical support, responsiveness and collaborative approach of the team from ProtoTech Solutions was impressive. We loved the accuracy of the measurement and also the many additional functional features available to enhance the user experience. No doubt in our mind, 3D Measure Up far surpassed the offering from comparable products on the market.”  – Sabry Macher, 3D-Body Tech Visionary/Co-Founder at 3Dfy.me Limited, New Zealand.

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