3D Measure Up’s web API has been simplified. Learn more about interesting facts such as versioning and mock API!

It is very heartening to see a lot of innovation activity by entrepreneurs and their interest in contactless measurements. We are responding to their renewed vigor. Here’s what we have been up to lately.

Release Highlights

  • 100% increase in performance!
  • Added 7 new landmarks 
  • 30+ measurements have been improved in accuracy.
  • Improved scanner and web application integration
  • Improved web application user interface 
  • Extend web API and OEM widget to provide custom measurements
  • Simplified pricing model


➤ We’ve made our core algorithms 2x faster (as a result of a water cooler conversation – call it a benefit of working from the office!). You can get the measurements in nearly half the time it used to take!

➤ We receive requests for domain-specific measurements as well as requests for refined measurements as we interact with the market. We added 7 new landmarks and refined 30+ measurements.

All the above improvements are available across different body poses and postures. They also take into account the skeletal structure of the corresponding section of the body.


➤ To help integrate with ease, 3D Measure Up’s web API has features like versioning and mock API. API versioning enables developers to run production loads on an earlier version while they continue to integrate the latest releases. 

The mock API reduces the cost of integration. The Mock API is similar to the live API. The mock API returns the same results every time it is invoked. The mock API endpoint has the same request signatures and response structures as the live endpoint. The mock API is free to use and does not consume any credits. 



 ➤ One of the challenges with API-based integration is verifying the measurements extracted. 3D Measure Up web API has an export_HTML option to export the measurements as a static 3D HMTL that renders the measurements on the scan measurements. The developer, as well as the domain expert, can use this to confirm that the measurement is as per the definitions required for their application.

➤ Simple features like returning the measurement unit of scan in the response have made adding measurements at offset, possible. It has also made the task of the development and testing teams easier.

➤ While we do our best to cover most of the measurements, we also acknowledge the fact that domain experts should have the means to extend the measurement to suit their product. This is also where the new value or innovation takes place. There are multiple options to do this. 

➤ In the 3D Measure Up web application, you can use the align and reposition feature to adjust the girth or a landmark position.

You can also derive your own measurements using the API and OEM widget by using programmable interfaces and using measurements and landmarks extracted by 3D Measure Up as a base. For example, you can add girths at fixed offsets between the knee and ankle. These measurements can be useful for compression socks and prosthetics design.

The level difference in the left and right side landmarks can be used as a tool for diagnosis in medical applications.

3D Measure Up at 3DBODY.TECH (Lugano, Switzerland) and Web3d (Italy) 

A fantastic convention, the 3DBODY.TECH Conference and Expo is held every year, at Lugano, Switzerland. Market leaders and trendsetters will be in attendance. We presented some of the major challenges we faced with the input scans – esp. foot scans. We also discussed the approaches that we took to overcome these problems. Link

At the Web3d conference, Italy, we presented some of the challenges that we faced with 3D body scans that are not perfectly aligned. Also, we discussed the impact of natural body postures on the automatic extraction of measurements. Link


Coming Soon 

  • Easier browsing of measurements in the web application with clean annotations.
  • Options to deploy 3D Measure Up on any cloud and infrastructure.
  • Faster and repeatable measurements platform
  • Support for Head and Hand scans
  • New landmarks and measurements


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