3D measure Up version 4.4 – The Apparel Industry’s Most Critical Metrics!

With the rise of Ready-to-Wear apparel, businesses require several measurements to create digitally fit ideal apparel. The majority of the essential metrics for the Apparel business are covered in this release.

New Features Added:


  • At the navel-
    1. Belly Button (ID: 237)
  • ~2 inches above the navel-
    1. Abdomen Point (ID: 238)


  • Max girth on the biceps:
    1. Left Biceps Max Girth (ID: 164) 
    2. Right Biceps Max Girth (ID: 165)
  • Max girth on the Forearm:
    1. Left Forearm Max Girth (ID: 151) 
    2. Right Forearm Max Girth (ID: 152)
  • From front view, horizontal circumference taken at narrowest torso point, between chest and hips-
    1. Narrow Waist (ID: 155) 
  • Narrowest circumference between, the higher of the 2 elbow heights and the belly button-
    1. Abdomen (ID: 161) 
  • Narrowest circumference between, the average of elbow heights, down to 2 inches below that point-
    1. High Waist (ID: 162)  
  • Waistband, a fixed circumference starting at the Small of the Back point and descending at fixed 10 degree angle to the front point-
    1. Waist Circumference (ID: 163) 
  • Horizontal girth passing through Belly button-
    1. Navel Girth (ID: 168) 
  • Girth at the average of the seat level and the front abdomen landmark-
    1. High Hip (ID: 156)
  • Max horizontal girth below the hip level-
    1. Maximum Hip (ID: 166) 
  • Girth at Hip level i.e. Level of greatest projection at the back-
    1. Hip (ID: 167)
  • Girth on the Thigh 2 inches below the Crotch Point:
    1. Left Upper Thigh (ID: 153) 
    2. Right Upper Thigh (ID: 154) 
  • Circumference taken at the averaged height of both knee caps-
    1. Right Knee Leveled (ID: 157) 
    2. Left Knee Leveled (ID: 158) 
  • Circumference taken at the averaged height of both ankle bones-
    1. Right Ankle Leveled (ID: 159)
    2. Left Ankle Leveled (ID: 160)


  • Across Back Tape measurement (ID: 345) 
  • Horizontal measurement between the armpits, along the back-
    1. Back Shoulder Width Horizontal (ID: 346) 
  • Sleeve length or measurement between the Back Neck Point and the Wrist Point(tape passes via back neck point, shoulder point, elbow, up to the wrist)-
    1. Back Neck Point to Left Wrist Length (ID: 347) 
    2. Back Neck Point to Right Wrist Length (ID: 348) 


  • Girths returned in API responses have been increased from 2 to 6 digits, after the decimal point.
  • Removed confidence and girthConfidence parameter from API response.
  • Added specific status messages, in status division, for different features in the application.

ISO points:

  • Crotch Point (ID: 236) 
  • Left Armpit Front Fold Point (ID: 228)
  • Right Armpit Front Fold Point (ID: 229) 
  • Left Armpit Back Fold Point (ID: 230) 
  • Right Armpit Back Fold Point (ID: 231) 
  • Back Neck Point (ID: 219) 


  • Crotch (ID: 110) 
  • Right Mid Thigh (ID: 112) 
  • Left Mid Thigh (ID: 111) 
  • Chest (ID: 105) 
  • Neck (ID: 140) 

Surface Lengths: 

  • Right Side Pant Inseam (ID: 335) 
  • Left Side Pant Inseam (ID: 336) 
  • Right Side Pant Inseam Upto Ankle (ID: 343) 
  • Left Side Pant Inseam Upto Ankle (ID: 344) 
  • Scye Depth Length (ID: 308) 
  • Back Neck Point To waist (ID: 309) 
  • Back Neck Point To Left Bust Point (ID: 317) 
  • Back Neck Point To Right Bust Point (ID: 318) 
  • Back Neck Point To Waist Level Left (ID: 319) 
  • Back Neck Point To Waist Level Right (ID: 320)
  • Back Neck Point To Knee (ID: 327) 
  • Back Neck Point To Ground (ID: 328) 


  • Web Application:
    1. Saving responses in the client cache.
    2. Repositioning of reference point outside the girth, in Girth Profile tool.
  • Web API:
    1. Left/Right Foot Length and Foot Width missing in API response.

Over the last 6 months, 3D Measure Up platform has accurately processed more than 10,000 scans. 3D Measure Up is being used in a number of production environments including making Bespoke suites, orthotics and fitness tracking applications. 

A comprehensive list of landmarks and measurements can be found here. Contact us if you need additional landmarks or measurements for niche applications.
To know more about the Measurement of human body parts and 3d body measurement software, please visit www.3dmeasureup.com/. Click here to signup for a free trial of A body measurement software, or contact us at 3dmeasureup@prototechsolutions.com

Here is the link to a video showing many features.

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