Accurate Measurement Software for Exoskeleton design

1 and only Accurate Measurement Software for Exoskeleton design

Though the most famous exoskeleton is IRON MAN, wearable exoskeletons have been designed for medical, commercial, and military applications. Medical exoskeletons are used to restore and rehabilitate proper muscle function for people with disorders that affect muscle control. Today in the world there are more than 95 commercial models of exoskeletons using Accurate Measurement software.

Commercial and military exoskeletons help prevent injury and augment an exoskeleton user’s stamina and strength by alleviating loads supported by workers or soldiers during their labor or other activities. Commercial exoskeletons are outfitted with a tool holding arm that supports the weight of a tool to reduce user fatigue.

Similarly, military weight-bearing exoskeletons transfer the weight of a load, such as armor or a heavy backpack, through the legs of the exoskeleton rather than through the user’s legs.
Commercial and military exoskeletons can have actuated joints that augment the strength of the exoskeleton user, with these actuated joints being controlled by a control system.

Personalized robots are being developed that help a person to recover from surgical intervention or injuries.
Anthropometric measurements i.e. Accurate measurements software of the Human body can assist in the design of safe, comfortable, personalized, wearable robots that are easy to interact with.



When designing an exoskeleton of the lower extremities, one should take into account the waist girth, hip girth, hip length, leg length, leg circumferences, foot length, foot width. Such a parametric model of the exoskeleton for the lower extremities has been designed and is used to quickly produce a personalized exoskeleton.

Generating accurate measurements from a 3D body scan is enabling several interesting applications. To make these ready for the mass market, 3D Measure Up body measurements platform can take a 3D body scan from any scanner, auto-align it, and generate measurements that can be consumable in multiple file formats like CSV, JSON etc.

Best Accurate Measurement Software

3D Measure Up enables a comfortable fit by focusing on the development of the latest 3D body processing requirements with a set of ISO-compliant standards and also on a proprietary platform that combines 3D modeling, numerical, and machine learning methods to provide highly precise and efficient identification and measurement.

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